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Polyester Removing Dust Code PF001

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Selling Polyester Removing Dust Code PF001

Make the pure air without dust  smoke for everyone in your home
     1. FILTER WHITE SOFT FIBER # PF001CUT FOR  AIR/ AIR DUST/AIR CLEANER/DUST/SMOKE/FILTER BAG Removing  coarse dust and fine dust Smoky smoke Flowers Little toxin in the air
     2. Not to enter the body through the wind. Like a wildfire Or toxins from various industries Including pollen dust /dust etc.
     3. Remark: PF001This filter the fiber are very soft can cut make to filter bag removing dust from rice dust /powder dust / dust from machinery when you process product have very dust 
SIZE W x L x T : 1.42 M. x 45 M. x 1 mm ± 0.1 mm.
Color : White colour
Made to order : every size / Spec / all forms

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